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What is the journey a man must take to embody conscious masculinity? What aspects must he cultivate to give his best in all areas of life? How to perfectly control your energy for your personal and spiritual growth? Sign up for this masterclass to start your journey to becoming a tantric man.


    Becoming aware of your energy, as a process of deep understanding of your inner nature. Becoming aware is the first step to mature and conscious masculinity and a process of growth and evolution


    Navigating this life in harmony between the ability to feel and to control is the secret to a powerful and balanced male energy. Cultivate control so as not to be at the mercy of emotions and events.


    The tantric man channels energy towards the higher chakras. He transforms his lower tendencies into high qualities, and by doing so, opens up to elevated states of consciousness, towards the revelation of the true Self.

Meet Marco

Graduated in electrical engineering, Marco has been initiated by various masters in the East, into the supreme knowledge of the Tantric path of the Kasmir Shaivism, Hatha-Yoga, and Kundalini practices of the authentic Tantric Yoga tradition. He is a certified RYS-500 Teacher Trainer and registered Yoga Alliance expert teacher E-RYT500. He is also a meditation teacher certified as Hridaya Yoga Meditation Instructor RYS-500. He leads Teacher Training Courses, Workshops and Meditation Retreats around the world in various languages.
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to The Tantric Man masterclass

    • Introduction

  • 2

    1. Intro - The Awareness

    • What is a tantric man?

  • 3

    2. Mastering your energy

    • How to control my energy?

  • 4

    3. Find your direction

    • What's the pupose of your life?

  • 5

    4. Practices

    • Put in practice what you learned

    • Enbodied awareness

    • The candle pose

    • Guided meditation

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